Wall of Fame

2023 Wall of Support

Let’s give a round of applause to our generous supporters for 2023!! Listed below are the contributors who gave to the WSSR-PAC so that our voice is heard in Olympia, letting our legislators know that we do care about the promises made while we were serving our community and our children.

Want your name on the 2024 Wall of Support??

That is easy; contribute to WSSR-PAC and let us know that your name can be published! You can either contribute by credit card on WSSR-PAC.org and hit the “Donate Now” button (the on-line form will ask you if we can publish your name) or you can cut out the “Individual Donation Form” send the completed form and a check to: WSSR-PAC Treasurer, Lora Brabant, 125 West 11th Street, Port Angeles, WA 98362. If every member of WSSRA gave at least $25.00 in 2024 we would have over $422,000.00…..that would definitely make a impact to make sure your voice is heard! We gave a record amount of $28,000.00 to prospective candidates in the 2022 election season!! However, let’s keep the momentum in building up our WSSR-PAC so we can really make an impact.

In Memory of:

Active Teachers

Boyd, Linda

Bremer, Jean

Chavers, Ruth

Chubb, Jim

Farquhar, Scott

Fisk, Patricia

Friends Who Have Passed On

Harter, Pauline R

Harvey, Jim

Horne, Carolyn

James, Ed

Kinneman, James D

MacGowan, Craig

Melcher, Joan

Nebeker, Rick

Perkins, Mary

Quinlan, Joyce

Sabol, Emily

Sigmar, Jean

Swapp, Tom

Wagner Barbara

Wagner, John

Wilfong, Ester

WSSRA Members

Generous Contributors:

Unit/Council/Low-Cost Fund Raisers

SW 3 Coordinating Council

Unit 2 Chelan/Douglas

Unit 3 Clallam County

Unit 16 East King County

Unit 20 Seattle

Unit 23 Sno King

Unit 27 Pierce County

Unit 29 Benton-Franklin

LCFR State Convention-Crafts

LCFR Wine Table Centerpieces

$0 to $49 Level

Anderson, A. Dennis

Audino, Linda

Battin, Susan D

Blair, Diane

Bloch, Deletta

Bloch, William-Bill

Brown, Beverly

Bryson, Keitha

Carrell, David R

Carrell, Zinita L

Chapman, Karen L

Clark, Sharon E

Endicott, Cynthia J

Hall, David M

Hall, Teresa I

Hammer, Debra

Hoffman, Judith

Horn, Paula PHD

Hunter, Diane

Hunter, Jeff

Jackson, Bruce

Johnson, Christine Louise
Johnson, Mark Stuart

Kackman, Christine Marie

Kackman, Donald

Keller, Karen C

Kinnaman, Jean

Kloss, Michele

Lancaster, Judy A

Medved, Jerry

Medved, Patricia

Moilanen, Martin Emil

Moran, Mike

Morris, Allison

Perfrement, Eileen J

Randall, David W

Richmond, Patricia

Sabol, Jim

Schultz, Dale L

Schultz, Gail

Stordeur, Catherine

Sweeney, Larry

Sweeney, Robin

Trees, Dennis

Trees, Roxanne

Visten, Diane J

Visten, Richard

Wagner, Nancy

Walley, Colleen P

Waterman, Deann

Widman, Donald E

Widman, Elaine M

Wilson, Dave

Wilson, Marti

$50 to $99 Level

Adiele, Holly

Baker, Florence A

Boctor, Karen

Bourn, William H

Bridge, Mary

Bucher, Doris

Buckner, Marie

Cowan, Linda Sue

Cygan, Patricia

Cygan, Ronald A

Diedrick, Peter M

Fennell, Gary

Graham, Candace L

Grape, Sandy

Hall, James T

Hall, Shirlee M

Kleinschmidt, Nancy

Kremer, Leta

Kuhlman, Sterling K

Muto, Myrna B

Muto, Paul

Myers, Katherine

Oakes, Clay

Oakes, Jill

Olson, Lon

Osmonovich, Louie

Osmonovich, Sherry

Percy, Loyd

Perkins, Mary

Scholl, Larry G

Scholl, Rebecca E

Schultz, Clifford (Nick)

Schultz, Kathryn

Siscel, Andrea

Siscel, James

Sloan, Theresa

Smith, Lloyd F Jr

Stratton, Linda

Tobiason, Marianne

Tobiason, Tim

Trefry, Norma E

Vaughn, Ted S

$100 to $199 Level

Banta, Dixie A

Beck, Richard S

Bergsma, William (Bill)

Boring, Mike

Boring, Sharon

Brabant, Bernie

Brabant, Lora

Bradbury, Jane A

Brandt, Kim

Burke, Alan M

Burke, Pamela

Datisman, Eve

Davison. Susan A

De Hon, Janet

De Hon, William L

Devine, James E

Farrell, Eve

Gleason, Gary

Harmon, Jeanne

Homer, Marcia W

Kane, Susan

Knopf, Jackie

Knopf, Timothy

Krause, Mary L

Larson, Merrilyn

Lewis, James D

Lewis, Raynette

Marz, Patty

Perkins, Denise

Rankin, Virginia

Requa, Rita C

Riley, Mary I

Ruby, Edith

Shannon, Sue

Sharrett, Carol L

Sharrett, Gene

Shy, Donna L

Stella, Carolyn

Strand, Patricia L

Williams, Marsha

$200 + Level

Conover, Richard R

Fletcher, Carolyn E

Fletcher, Robert A

Harvey, Marianne

Neuhart, Julee M

Robel, Kathleen Eugenia

Siggs, Patricia

Wallon, Mary T