Your contribution to the WSSR-PAC is important. All monies collected and expenditures are reported to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) in compliance with state rules.

All checks must be made out to WSSR-PAC

Where to send Contributions

Beginning July 1, 2017:

Lora Brabant, Treasurer
125 West 11th ST
Port Angeles, WA 98362-7709


Ways to Contribute

Individual Contributions

Monetary contributions by personal check can be made out to WSSR-PAC and sent to the PAC Treasurer. The PAC must report name, full address and the dollar amount.

Individual Contribution Form.2021

Low Cost Fundraisers

A qualifying low cost fundraiser is an event where the monies collected in exchange for goods, services, food, beverage or entertainment go to the WSSR-PAC. The PAC must report the Event name, event date, full address where it was held and the amount of money collected. Contact the WSSR-PAC Treasurer for information if planning a low-cost fundraiser. See attached form, mail completed form and money collected to the PAC Treasurer.

Low Cost Fundraising Form2021