Legislative Priorities

The Washington State School Retirees’ Association (WSSRA) is made up of 17,500 active and retired school personnel. WSSRA’s mission is to develop, propose, and support action benefiting all school retirees.

WSSRA legislative priorities for 2024 are:

1. Support the SCPP-endorsed Plan 1 for 2024 (3% up to $125 per month).

2. Support SCPP Plan 1 COLA study efforts and lobby to endorse a permanent Plan 1 COLA in 2025.

3. Maintain a $183 Medicare Eligible Healthcare Subsidy.  Increase if possible.

4. Enhance the pension formula for TRS and SERS Plans for 2 and 3 members who have worked for over 30 years.

5. Support DRS legislation to pay pension for the entire month of death.

6. Sponsor legislation to address inequalities in HCA dental coverage for those residing in healthcare facilities.