Purpose & Policies


The purpose of WSSR-PAC is to promote the general welfare of school retirees through political processes while continuing the promotion of public education and good citizenship. The organization aims to raise funds for contribution to and support for candidates for the Washington State Legislature; for candidates for state offices; for political party caucuses; and for advancing the position of the WSSR-PAC on statewide initiatives and referenda or opposing the same.


The WSSR-PAC is strictly nonpartisan and is organized to encourage voluntary involvement of members in state political processes through voluntary personal financial participation. The WSSR-PAC shall operate in conformity with Washington State law and with requirements of the Public Disclosure Commission.

WSSR-PAC Bylaws: Article I, Sections 3 & 4

WSSR-PAC Executive Committee 2022-2023

  • President: Louie Osmonovich, Cle Elum
  • Vice President: Edith Ruby, Seattle
  • Secretary: Mary Wallon, Seattle
  • Treasurer: Lora Brabant, Port Angeles
  • East Representative: Larry Scholl, Yakima
  • West Representative: Carolyn Stella, Chehalis

District Representatives:

  • District 1: Timothy Knopf, Everett
  • District 2: Rob Fletcher, Issaquah
  • District 3: Patty Marz, Bremerton
  • District 4: Mina Milligan, Vancouver
  • District 5: Mchelle Kloss, Cle Elem
  • District 6: Mary A. Perkins, East Wenatchee
  • District 7: Don Kackman, Spokane
  • District 8: David Randall, Kennewick