Welcome to the Washington State School Retirees Political Action Committee website. The WSSR-PAC has been in existence since 2002.  The PAC delivers campaign contributions to candidates that support Washington State school retirees’ retirement and health care benefits including annual cost of living adjustments.

WSSR-PAC is a legally separate organization from the Washington State School Retirees Association (WSSRA) but works closely with the WSSRA Legislative Committee, WSSRA Legislative Director and WSSRA contracted lobbyists. The main difference is that the WSSR-PAC contributes to candidates’ campaigns when they run for election while the WSSRA Legislative Committee visits the State legislators when they are in session and discusses House and Senate Bills that impact school retirees. Both organizations work for all Washington State school retirees’ benefits now and in the future but in different ways.

The purpose of this website is to raise dollars and to inform all school employees on how they can contribute to the WSSR-PAC.

Keep informed about legislation that may affect school retirees’ benefits by using the links in the Resource Side Bar.

PAC contribution recipients:


Dist 1 Shelly Kloba-HP2 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 10 Clyde Shavers-HP1 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 10 Dave Paul-HP 2 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 21 Lillian Ortiz-Self-HP2 Democrat $500.00

Dist 38 June Robinson-Senate Democrat $500.00

Dist 38 Julio Cortes-HP1 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 39 Sam Low-HP1 Republican $500.00

Dist 42 Sharon Shewmake-Senate Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 42 Alicia Rule-HP1 Democrat $500.00

Dist 42 Joe Timmons-HP2 Democrat $500.00

Dist 44 John Lovick-Senate Democrat $500.00

Dist 44 Brandy Donaghy-HP1 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 44 April Berg-HP2 Democrat $500.00


Dist 5 Bill Ramos-HP1 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 5 Lisa Callan-HP2 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 30 Claire Wilson-Senate Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 30 Jamila Taylor-HP1 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 30 Kristine Reeves-HP2 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 34Joe Fitzgibbon-HP2 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 48 Amy Walen-HP2 Democrat $500.00


Dist 24 Mike Chapman-HP1 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 27 Yasmin Trudeau-Senate Democrat $500.00

Dist 28 Mari Leavitt-HP1 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 28 Dan Bronoske-HP2 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 29 Steve Conway-Senate Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 29 Sharlett Mena-HP2 Democrat $500.00


Dist 17 Terri Niles-HP1 Democrat $1,000.00

Dist 17 Paul Harris-HP2 Republican $1,000.00

Dist 35 Drew MacEwan-Senate Republican $500.00




Dist 3 Timm Ormsby-HP2 Democrat $500.00

Dist 7 Jacquelin Maycumber-HP1 Republican $500.00


Dist 8 Matt Boehnke-Senate Republican $500.00

Dist 16 Mark Klicker-HP2 Republican $500.00

Dist 16 Skyler Rude-Dist 16 HP2 Republican $1,000.00

 All inquiries should be requested by email addressed to Lora Brabant, WSSR-PAC Treasurer.